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Across Victoria there are more than 500 charities providing food relief to men, women and children in their communities. Many of these are run by volunteers, and run on a small budget comprising donations from their supporters.

More and more businesses are offering charities their surplus quality food, however, many of these agencies simply do not have the means to collect, store, cook, serve or distribute this food to the people they support.

Each year we provide Feed Melbourne Appeal grants of up to $15,000 to dozens of charities within Greater Melbourne. These grants aim to give local charities the capacity to support people in their communities who are going through hard times.

We also distribute a handful of grants to Victorian rural and regional charities each year.

For more information about the Feed Melbourne Appeal Grants Program, please contact Sarah Harvie, Campaign Director – Feed Melbourne Appeal.

Sarah Harvie
ph: 03 9428 0044