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Uber Eats supports Feed Melbourne’s Eat for Change campaign

It only takes $5 to provide 10 meals for hungry Victorians.

Hunger affects everyone. It might surprise you to know that every month, more than 140,000 Victorians struggle to put food on the table. That’s why we’ve partnered with Feed Melbourne as part of their 2018 ‘Eat for Change’ campaign.

In their first 10 years, Feed Melbourne has raised enough money to provide 8 million meals. People from all walks of life turn to food relief charities to get their next meal – there is ‘hidden hunger’ across Victoria. Feed Melbourne believes that everyone in the community should have access to good food and not have to go without. Their financial support means that local charities can get food to locals in need.

At Uber Eats, feeding hungry people is at the heart of what we do. That’s why as part of ‘Eat for Change’, we’ll be donating $50,000 to Feed Melbourne, providing 100,000 meals to those in need. We hope this goes some way towards Feed Melbourne’s 2018 goal of providing 2 million meals to those who would otherwise go hungry.

It only takes a tiny effort to make a big impact. Just $5 can provide 10 meals for hungry Victorians this winter. To donate and help your community fight hidden hunger, click below.


Donate $5 to Feed Melbourne’s Eat for Change campaign

Help Uber Eats help Feed Melbourne’s ‘Eat for Change’ – just $5 provides 10 meals for hungry Victorians