Shout Lunch Event

Supporting the 2017 Feed Melbourne Appeal is fun, rewarding and super easy. Just donate the money you would usually spend on lunch to the Feed Melbourne Appeal and you’ll be joining the fight against hunger in our city. Rally your colleagues, friends and family to participate and you can make an even bigger difference.

Register your event

Click here and enter a few simple details to register your shout lunch event.

Shout Lunch organiser kit

Download a copy of the Shout Lunch Organiser kit here to help plan and promote your event.

Make a date

Keen to make an event of it? Pick a date to hold a Shout Lunch. You could book a space at work, or host it at home or in a local venue

Send out invitations or calendar reminders to ensure your guests save the date. Tell your guests to bring their lunch from home, or encourage everyone to bring a share plate for a fun communal lunch.

How to donate

Donating the money you’d usually spend on lunch is easy. Click here and make a donation either online, by phone or by cheque. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and each donor will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.

Alternatively, please download the cash donation summary form if you are collecting individual cash donations. Please note we can only take total cash donations by EFT or cheque payments. We are unable to generate individual tax deduction receipts with one credit card donation for the funds your Shout Lunch event has raised.

Thank you

Supporting the Feed Melbourne Appeal will help food charities collect, store, cook and distribute food to people going hungry in our city. Thank you for your support!

For more details about Shout Lunch Day, click here to download our Organiser Kit.

To make a secure online donation to a Shout Lunch Day event, please click here