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This is the Feed Melbourne Appeals 10th year, over the last decade Leader Community News and FareShare, supported by several philanthropic foundations have provide more than 300 Feed Melbourne Appeal grants of up to $15,000 to charities within Greater Melbourne. These grants have given local charities increased capacity to provide food to people in their communities who are going through tough times. We also distribute a handful of grants to Victorian rural and regional charities each year.

In this our inaugural 10th year we are looking forward to providing another series of impactful grants to local food relief charities and continuing to help fight hidden hunger in our community.


You can apply for funding of essential equipment or to purchase food. Grants for food are capped at a total of $10,000.

Funding is also available for equipment such as:
– Kitchen and storage equipment (e.g. shelving, cupboards and storage containers, refrigerators, freezers, cool rooms, food processors etc)
– Transportation of food (e.g. refrigerated vehicles or trailers)

In response to the growing demand for staple food, food relief charities can now apply for a grant which will provide them with credit to purchase food through PFD Foods.
Charities are able to apply for a grant for both equipment and food however the maximum grant amount cannot exceed $15,000 and funding for food is capped at $10,000. Please read through the information below, which explains how successful grant applicants will be able to access staple food through PFD Foods.

PFD Foods
Charities can apply to receive a grant in the form of credit at PFD Foods, Australia’s largest food service provider.
Charities will be provided with very competitive prices and access to special promotions thanks to PFD Food’s support of the Feed Melbourne Appeal. PFD Foods will provide a complete delivery service and there is no minimum delivery order. Food will generally be delivered the next day.
A wide range of food will be available (meat, cheese and dairy, rice, pasta, couscous, canned goods, dried grains and legumes, frozen vegetables, breakfast cereals etc.) as well as a wide variety of Halal and Kosher foods.
Charities will be able to place orders for food staples via an easy to use online ordering system and will be able to track expenditure and the balance of their account. Charities will be free to spread their orders between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019, or spend their allocated amount sooner.


Exclusions include:
Funding to purchase petrol and/or food vouchers
Fuel costs
Funding deficits
Staffing costs
Funding for food sourced from suppliers other than PFD Foods or Foodbank Victoria

Applications for 2018 Feed Melbourne Appeal grants open on Monday 1 May and close on Friday 22 June at 5pm.

To help you with your grant application please ensure you review the Guidelines and Tips which you can download here.

When ready, please complete the Feed Melbourne Appeal Grant Application Form

For queries about grant applications, please call Katherine Gokavi-Whaley, CEO on: 03 9428 0044 or email: